2015 Ph.D., World Language Education, Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Ph.D. minor, Second Language Acquisition
Ph.D. minor, Qualitative Methods in Education
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Dissertation: Resistance Is Durable, not Futile: Local Organization in an Arabic Immersion Program
Advisor: François Tochon

2010 M.A., French Studies (International Education), Department of French and
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Thesis: Partout et pas du tout: L’enseignement bilingue du basque en Iparralde
(Everywhere and nowhere: Bilingual Basque programs in Iparralde)
Advisor: François Tochon

2008 B.A. French, Linguistics
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Graduated with distinction

2011 Critical Language Scholarship (U.S. State Department) – Arabic, Tangier,


Book Chapters

Schomaker, S.G. (2015). Small steady gains: The rise of Basque language education in French public schools. In F.V. Tochon (Ed.), Language education policy: Global perspectives and local practices. Blue Mounds; WI: Deep University Press.

Manuscripts in Preparation

Schomaker, S.G. A tale of two students: Good student/bad student identity construction.
Schomaker, S.G. Preference structure and language pledges.

Other Publications

Schomaker, S.G. (2013). Le français des Français and other myths. In R. Deitz (Ed.), Francophonia: Stories from the Professional French Masters Program. Madison, WI: Incidence.


2013-2014 Instructor, French
Madison College, Continuing Education and Professional Development
2012 -2013 Teaching Assistant, English as a Second Language – Academic Writing
(Instructor of record)
University of Wisconsin – Madison, English as a Second Language Program

2012 English as a Second Language Instructor – English in the Schools
The Literacy Network, Madison, Wisconsin

2012 (Summer) Teaching Assistant, French immersion camp (4-5 year old class)
University of Wisconsin – Madison, Division of Continuing Studies

2012 Instructor, Beginning English, Speaking and Listening
Madison English as a Second Language School, Madison, Wisconsin


2013-2014 Project Assistant
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Language Institute
Researched heritage language programs at the post-secondary level; foreign language programs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and peer institutions; careers in second language acquisition, applied linguistics, and foreign language programs at post-secondary institutions.

2010 -2012 Project Assistant
University of Wisconsin – Madison
Wisconsin Center for Educational Research
Translated, edited, and proofread articles and other previously published material on Deep Teaching, Learning, and Evaluation in world language education arising from a multi-year international study on teacher training in world language education. Collected parental and student consent for a multi-year research project on stereotype threat.


2014-2015 Outreach Assistant
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Language Institute
Assisted in the development and coordination of a language tutoring program that pairs advanced undergraduates studying less commonly taught languages (LCTLs) with high school students studying the same languages through directed/independent study programs. Tutored Modern Standard Arabic through the program.

2012 Phone Interviewer
Tetra Tech, Madison, Wisconsin
Conducted phone surveys for an independent research firm to analyze the
impact of a utility company’s energy efficiency programs on consumers’
purchasing decisions and energy use.

2009-2010 Intern
Education Europe Formation France
Bordeaux, France
Translated documents generated by the agency from French to English,
drafted reports in French on issues of intercultural communication and
language learning; coordinated activities for teachers interested in
participating in European Union-funded educational exchange programs

2005-2011 Tutor
Madison College (formerly Madison Area Technical College)
Worked one on one with students on general study skills, reading, writing, and content areas, such as English (ESL, foundational skills, composition, and literature), French, Spanish, Arabic, math, biological and natural sciences, social studies, and humanities

2008-2011 Translator
Freelance translation (English-French and French-English) for individual
clients; documents translated included contracts, educational transcripts,
immigration documents, and letters of recommendation


Schomaker, S.G. (2015, July). Acquisition and (non)use of Arabic discourse markers in an immersion environment. Paper presented at the Forum for Arabic Linguistics, University of Essex, Colchester, UK.

Schomaker, S.G. (2015, May). A tale of two students: Good student/bad student identity construction. Paper presented at the Language, Interaction and Social Organization conference, Santa Barbara, CA.

Schomaker, S.G. (2015, April). Multimodality, pragmatics, and implicit cultural exposure in the Arabic language classroom. Paper presented at the National Council of Less Commonly Taught Languages (NCOLCTL) Annual Conference, Washington DC.

Schomaker, S.G. (2014, October). La problematisation de l’apprentissage de la langue arabe aux Etats-Unis [Problematizing Arabic language study in the United States]. Paper presented at Colloque international sur le CERCL et la didactique de l’arabe : Bilan et horizons [International colloquium on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and the teaching of Arabic: Appraisal and horizons], Montreal, QC.

Schomaker, S.G. (2014, April) Deeply reconciling the Modern Standard Arabic vs. Colloquial Debate. F.V. Tochon (Chair), Collaborative pedagogies for identity investment and deep language and culture learning. Colloquium conducted at the National Council of Less Commonly Taught Languages (NCOLCTL) Annual Conference, Chicago, IL.

Schomaker, S.G. (2011, April). Bilingual education and language maintenance in French Basque Country. Poster seesion presented at the Second Language Acquisition Graduate Student Symposium, Iowa City, IA.

English – native language
French – non-native fluency, professional-level reading, writing and speking skills
Arabic – intermediate proficiency
Spanish – basic speaking/writing proficiency, intermediate reading skills

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